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     As a debtor, you want relief from competition problems, lender problems, vendor problems, landlord problems, tax problems, and employee problems. We'll point out ways you might restructure your debts and obligations (for example, a moratorium on payments, a reduced interest rate, a stretch-out of the payment period, a write-down of the debt balance). We also address your business's possible internal governance problems.

     As a creditor, you want to be paid. We show you your rights, and aggressively pursue them for you.

     No one can foresee the future. And no professional can guarantee results. But we have gotten results, and we will try to do the same for you.

2008 Credit Collapse

Lenders overdid it. Borrowers defaulted. Investors who bought borrowers’ notes (or securities) suffered. Investors stopped funding lenders. Who are the borrowers facing foreclosure and other lender actions? Not only homeowners, but also businesses, are borrowers. Meanwhile, economic slowdown adds more strain on business.

Debtors’ and Creditor’s Remedies

2005 Bankruptcy Amendments

These amendments famously added complexity and difficulty for debtors. But they mainly affected Chapter 7. Congress made it harder for consumers to file bankruptcy. But Congress changed the Chapter 11 business bankruptcy process less.


The Bankruptcy Code (Title 11 of the United States Code) gives the force of law to several national policies or values.
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